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“Chrisy did an excellent job, was very thorough and friendly. The front desk personnel was very friendly and inviting. The office itself was very clean and inviting. Will definitely have myself, my family and friends return!”  Sarah, September 12, 2019
“If I could give Chrissy 100 stars I would!!! She is so professional, kind, gentle, very thorough and honest. I came in wanting and regular cleaning and turns out my teeth were worse off than I thought. She is making sure to get my teeth the healthiest as possible with the least amount of pain possible. I had my first descaling from her today, I was petrified. But I left excited to come back for another deep cleaning. 😁 Numbing is worn off and I’m not in pain, but my teeth feel amazing!! I couldn’t be happier.”
Shanda O., May 1, 2019
“Thanks again for the extra work of getting my teeth cleaned after it had been so long.” Tina F., December 28, 2018
“Chrisy is beyond professional. Her expertise and precision make for an outstanding exam. Happy to be part of her practice.”
Denny T., October 10, 2018
“Chrisy is a perfectionist! Best dental cleaning I’ve ever had!!! She worked overtime to be sure she was thorough. Outstanding!” Dan S., April 20, 2018
“Great experience! Brought my 6 and 3 year old for their first visit and was so happy with the care. Took the time to show them everything so they would be comfortable with the process and be more relaxed.”
Stephanie, December 14, 2017
“Healthy Smiles is AMAZING!!! They made my daughter who had a horrible experience previously love to get her teeth cleaned, it’s now fun and enjoyable and she brushes and glosses with excitement! Thank you”
Caws, November 23, 2017
“Chrisy is amazing! She really takes her time and the environment is very comfortable. I am so happy I don’t have to drive to far for good dental hygiene.”
Amie M., September 29, 2017
“Took us on as new patients with only a days notice. Such a friendly office! Also the cleaning was amazing. I had plaque removed that a previous dentist had missed at least twice! Very thorough job”
Molly S., September 21, 2017
“I recently moved into the area, and had a 1st cleaning visit with Chrisy that was extraordinarily thorough. Definitely recommend.”
Dave S., September 24, 2017
“The office is comfortable, relaxing, quiet. Chrisy is knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. Highly recommended.”
Sally, May 25, 2017
“Most informative and thorough cleaning I’ve had!”
Cayce, March 22, 2017
“First impression of the business was a home away from home. I received an excellent cleaning. I can tell she loves what she does and cares highly about her clients. I will be going back and recommending her to others.”
Alexis, January 15, 2017
“This was my first time to visit Chrisy and I needed a good tooth cleaning because it had been awhile. She was the best hygienist I’ve EVER been to! Gentle, thorough and explained everything she was doing. I now have a new Dental Hygienist in Conifer, CO! I highly recommend Chrisy — and she came highly recommended to me!”
Melanie, January 04, 2017
“We had found a dental office in town when we moved here about two years ago and were not at all satisfied. Just had my first cleaning with Chrisy and it was extremely through and friendly. We will be continuing to schedule our 6 month cleanings with her every time!”
Julie, December 09, 2016
“Excellent! Most thorough cleaning I’ve ever had. I will definitely return in six months.”
Barbara, November 24, 2016
“Dental check ups are usually highly stressful but Chrisy made it a relaxing visit.”
Anonymous, November 07, 2016
“The best cleaning I have ever had in the entire life! Chrisy was so attentive and kind. She even found and removed braces cement left over from over 23 years ago and countless other dental cleanings! She went above and beyond during this cleaning and my teeth have never looked so good! The atmosphere of her office is wonderful too! She made it feel cozy and almost spa-like. No typical dentist office smells in here. I HIGHLY recommend giving her a try!”
Jessica C., October 30, 2016
“Very friendly, explains everything she does, very competent. I will be going back.”
Nancy M., July 28, 2016
“Chrisy cleaned my teeth today, they feel wonderful! Thank you for being so gentle, much appreciated!”
Jane P., June 21, 2016
“Chrisy provides thorough care and oral health education in a nice, clean and welcoming environment. I trust her with all my preventative and periodontal needs. I trust her clinical recommendations to be based on my needs – nothing more and nothing less. She is a Dental Hygienist with extensive education and experience and is always striving to continually educate herself on the latest in oral health and I trust her to be my first line in maintaining my oral health. Being in the dental field myself with extensive knowledge of periodontal disease, I trust and recommend Healthy Smiles for all my preventative and periodontal needs.”
Megan R., June 23, 2016
“Chrissy did a wonderful job, thoroughly cleaning my neglected teeth. She was considerate, kind and professional……I highly recommend her!” Linda J., August 12, 2019
“Best cleaning I’ve ever had!!” Samantha K., January 2, 2019
“Thank you Chrisy! As dental visits go, you were great! A comfortable setting, your sensitivity and thorough cleaning. And the convenience of taking care of the routine stuff without having to go down the hill is super nice. I’ll be back!” Mark R., January 12, 2019
“Chrissy is wonderful. She does great work, is easy to communicate with, has a warm caring personality and we get beautiful teeth at a great price.” Amy H., October 23, 2018
“Chrisy Boldra was awesome, patient, kind, took time to explain, and talk about all of my concerns and issues, and I was the only one she was attending to at once, not like those Big Name Dentists offices where they have you and three other people in chairs all going at same time. Great experience.”
Todd P., January 11, 2018
“Gentle and thorough. Perfect combination for anyone in the dentistry field! She truly understands that people have to feel comfortable in the chair to sit in it. My boys had some pretty bad experiences at another dentist last year…they were hesitant to go back to a dentist at all. Chrisy changed that for them. They were very excited to return to her chair today. She’s not a dentist but does everything we need for regular care. She was also able to recommend a dentist for me…to deal with the cavity I developed 🙁 I highly recommend her to anyone…especially those with children who need a more tender hand.”
Jennifer N., September 27, 2017 
“Chrisy is delightfully passionate about her work. She not only gave me the most thorough cleaning I’ve had in years, but educated me along the way. I left feeling inspired to keep my smile healthy!”
Carla S., September 15, 2017
“Chrisy is a marvelous hygienist. She is thorough and takes the time needed to do what is necessary. She does not rush you in/out as many places do. She pays attention to your needs and explains treatment and processes. I would recommend Chrisy for your dental hygiene needs.”
Vicky S., June 9, 2017
“I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Chrisy. I have never had a more thorough cleaning in my rather lengthy life. The price is very reasonable. I have not been very good about having my teeth cleaning as often as I should, but I will be now. Do yourself a favor. Get your teeth cleaned the right way by Chrisy.”
Scott I., June 16, 2016
“Chrisy was AMAZING! So gentle,explained what she was doing and why. Easily the most thorough cleaning I have ever gotten. My teeth feel and look great.Would highly recommend!”
Ingrid W., July 26, 2016
“Chrisy is very professional and thorough in her services. I have never had a dental hygienist spend so much time with a cleaning and check-up. The teeth cleaning was top notch.”
Roger S., June 01, 2016
“Quite honestly Chrisy, I am very picky about my teeth cleanings and this was hands down the best cleaning I have ever had! Your attention to detail, thorough explanation of the process and your gentle touch show just how passionate you are. I felt like a million dollars when I left and can’t wait for my next cleaning. I will (and have) recommend you to all of my friends and family!”
Anjie B., April 28, 2016
“Great to be able to get back to Chrisy! I’ve missed her excellent cleaning since she left the dentist’s office and needed time to set up her own practice. She is my dental hygienist forever!”
Fred W., March 09, 2016
“Thank you Chrisy. I am thrilled with the professional thorough job you did on my teeth yesterday. I appreciate your skill, experience, & enthusiasm for the health of my mouth. You Rock!”
Jani M., February 05, 2016
“My experience was the best and most relaxed cleaning ever. Chrisy is gentle, skilled and knowledgeable and informative. I totally recommend her and am so glad to have her for my new hygienist!”
Annette, February 01, 2016
“Chrisy provided the best teeth cleaning I’ve ever had, and while doing it she educated me about everything she was doing and why. I had NEVER been told some of the things she told me, and I was interested and intrigued by even the little things I learned. She performed a teeth scaling treatment with such care that I didn’t have any bleeding at all, which is completely opposite of the last “discount dentist” who performed the same treatment. My teeth felt clean and pearly after her thorough cleaning, which hasn’t happened in years. I am extremely grateful for her compassionate, professional and conscientious care and highly recommend her.”
Janet S., January 27, 2016
“It had been a while since I have had a dental cleaning, so I was quite delighted to hear about Healthy Smiles opening up in Conifer. The location is quick and easy to get to and booking an appointment was a breeze! Since it had been a while since my last cleaning, Chrisy took the extra time needed to get my teeth cleaned and up to par. She also gave me some helpful advice on care and potential dentists in the area for some additional work that I needed to have done. I really appreciated the personal care and attention that I got by going to Chrisy, instead of being rushed in and out like at some other dental offices. Thanks Chrisy!”
M. Rivera